Where do you start with your SEO?

If you don’t usually deal with your company’s marketing the whole SEO thing can be a bit confusing. Where do you even start?

Basically, it comes down to how do I get people to find my website? SEO, meaning Search Engine Optimisation, being the art of getting your website to the top of search engine listings so when a possible client searches for a term that relates to your business (for example, “cleaning services in Brighton” in Google, although I hear there are others… 😉 ), they see you, they visit you and hopefully they buy from you!

Sure, you could sit on the second or third page of the listings but with over 50% of users clicking a link on page 1 you will be missing out on potential business (heaps of stats in this useful click through rate study by Slingshot).

The nice people at SiteVisibility are sharing this nifty infographic that will help with understanding how to implement SEO for your website. Definitely worth a play around with!

How to basic SEO

Click to play


A couple of accounts to follow:


Great and free SEO conference: #BrightonSEO

Useful resources @SEOMoz

Moi at @LauraofBrighton


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