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Creating basic video content for your brand gives your audience something different to interact with, helps to explain your offering + is good news for your SEO. So here are a few tools I’ve found to be handy recently…

I’ve been dealing with a few videos lately; basic product info or presentations that we can send out to potential clients or upload online as interesting content. There were a few bits n bobs that came in handy so I wanted to post them on here, caring and sharing and all that!

Caring and sharing like a Care Bear! Also, burn all the onsies...

Caring and sharing like a Care Bear!
Also, burn all the onsies…

Making a basic video

Firstly, I needed to create the content itself. You can make a very basic video in a couple of ways. Of course, you can just record on your web cam but did you know that you can also…

If you are making screenshots for your presentation I recommend Screenshot Pimp, a nice, flexible Firefox add-on.

Converting Video

I had a .mov file and when I tried uploading to Youtube the timing of the audio went out of sync. Apparently, .mov files are a bit temperamental so converting to another file type helped here.

Following the advice in this post on having problems with audio and video out of sync, I popped my file into the basic editor on my computer and exported it as another file type. Problem solved.

If you don’t have an editing program on your computer you could download a tool, such as Miro Video Converter which is a free, open source tool, woop!

SEO your video

There’s heaps of tips for SEO for video in this section of Reel SEO. For general basic SEO tips I’d refer you back to my previous article on the subject.

This free online video grader tool from Pixability is useful for looking at your Youtube account and seeing where some improvements can be made. They aren’t all strictly implementable but it gives an idea of the right track to be on.


…that’s just a few tips but maybe it will be helpful when it comes to getting some video content online for your company. On the other hand, you could just get someone else to do it! (see links below)

In the meantime, if you need some inspiration for why video content can be a good thing check out this AWESOME ad for One Dollar Shave, one of my favourite viral ads. The video cost $4,500 to make and circa 12,000 conversions were made within 48 hours of the videos release – talk about ROI!


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