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Vivienne Westwood takes on domestic violence

This is a really interesting campaign from Vivienne Westwood, where she has presented her mannequins as domestic violence sufferers to raise awareness.

Victims are given a number to call and a lot of publicity was generated by this clever campaign, even if it is a little bit Derelicte!


Somersby Cider Campaign

Clever parody campaign from Somersby with lots of puns!

Viral video and trains: Merry Christmas Kim Wilde!

Kim Wilde sings Kids in America as a drunken serenade to London train passengers. Then t’internet goes wild (bad pun) as “Kim Wilde” trends on Twitter. Coverage appears in The Daily Mail, the Huffington Post, The Mirror, Sky News, NME and The Guardian. But this is just part of the story of viral videos love affair with trains…

I love viral video. So much so that I wrote my MA thesis on viral advertising. Interesting patterns abound when it comes to achieving viral success and with high levels of engagement, plus a pretty good level of ROI for successful videos, they are the Holy Grail when it comes to marketing for some brands. So imagine how thrilled I was to see Kim Wilde’s heart-warming, drunken message of pissed-up festive joy!

That’s right Kim Wilde, you force that Christmas Cheer unto those miserable train passengers! (Seriously guys, cheer up, it’s Christmas)

The video was filmed by Katherine Eames, a savvy actress who quickly got her representation sorted out over Twitter with a company called Viral Spiral. The fact that a company like this exists shows there is money to be made, even from home made viral videos.

Viral Spiral Represent Katherine Eames

There have been a lot of viral set ups on trains in the past; by the way, permission is needed to film on the tube and looks like you should ask for permission on trains too (pretty outdated in the day of totally pervasive mobile cameras and high social acceptance of filming in public events). I once got told off by staff for taking photos in a Tube station as a photography student, NOT ALLOWED! But then as my documentary tutor used to say, “If I asked for permission to film everything I wouldn’t have made any of my films!”

So the thought inevitably pops into my head, “Has Kim Wilde got an album coming out? Was Eames employed to be a surprised passenger? Was the Kim Wilde Kids in America train serenade video a fake?” Believe me, this isn’t cynicism! As a marketer you want to think that there are some really clever people out there popping out well honed viral ideas, maybe you can learn from it and emulate the success. I’d only feel admiration if it was faked and I’m not saying it is (just wondering, don’t sue!). Part of the point of a viral is that it feels real, particularly when it isn’t… As soon as you turn the cameras onto your Tube based wedding proposal it’s no longer that special private moment anymore but starts to cross into a performance; does that make it less real? Just because a flash mob dance off in Victoria station is organised by a brand, does that make it any less of a real event for the people around it? Do the most successful virals incorporate both reality and unreality?

The trend of trains and viral.

So before my head explodes with this Schrödinger’s-type theory of viral marketing, let’s have a look at 5 other train-related virals.

1, Stickers on the Underground.

You don’t have to be a video to be viral. There’s a BBC report on stickers on the Underground from a few months back but the best examples can be found on

Stickers On The Underground

Shamelessly stolen from (sorry)

2, The 19:57 from Euston.

Blimey, even I would have said yes!

3, Dancing at Liverpool Street Station

T-Mobile made my favourite viral video of last year. Turns out they have this whole viral thing nailed, with the video below having over 36 million views. Wowser.

4, Flash Mob Mobile Clubbing at Victoria Station

Remember Flash Mobs? Ok, so there’s a better quality video of the Mobile Clubbing event here with over 275k views but I love this cruddy one of the countdown. Look how many people are involved with this, that’s some huge active engagement going down.

5, London Underground Song

Because sometimes shared experience can equal shared misery.


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I thought I would leave you with something that appeals to the gerd (girl nerd) in me:

Are you clients looking here?

Every time I see a billboard like this I am compelled to take a photo…

Apparently, your clients are hanging out at the Tesco cash machine...

Apparently, your clients are hanging out by the bins at Tesco…

Turns out I was wrong about seeking out new clients through industry targeted conferences and exhibitions, via hot topic content and white papers and by launching specific, personalised marketing campaigns.

Turns out my customers are all hanging out under railway bridges!

Turns out my customers are all hanging out under railway bridges! Or are they just trolling me… geddit??

Yes, that’s right, despite the research and profiling I may have undertaken into decision makers in my particular vertical markets, that billboard tells me otherwise… it turns out they are really loitering under bridges and (I suspect) in bus stops. My clients are starting to to sound a lot like teenage gangs. Perhaps my next marketing hit should be to just whack a copy of Smash Hits and a mini can of soda in the post.

Soooo mini!

Yes, yes, I realise that I am out of touch with the “yoof” of today. It’s probably all Blu-rays and crack cocaine for today’s modern 12 year old…

Ok, so I think you get my point: that you should know your client personas well enough to know where you will find them and then sniper target them with an informed campaign.

So how about an example of a dynamic billboard marketing campaign then smartass?

Ok then. I have to give some love to this award winning campaign to fill ad space on billboards from Y&R Not Just Film. The ad campaign itself has become pretty viral, double whammy for the agency and the advertisers. Effective too!

Click to see the full campaign. 

When it comes to selling advertising space, sometimes outright threats are the way to go...

When it comes to selling advertising space, sometimes outright threats are the way to go…

Cool Campaign #1: Resident Evil 6, via Full Fat

Gaming Meats Art - Resident Evil 6

This is a cool campaign from PR agency Full Fat for the launch or Resident Evil 6 on October 2nd 2012. Especially as it’s a campaign that takes advantage of both physical and digital aspects.

The gaming industry is worth over $65 billion with  some game launches making more money than a Hollywood blockbuster, for example, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 thrashing Harry Potter.

The Resident Evil series is a legend when it comes to gaming, having been around for over 16 years years now – it’s literally old enough to buy a packet of fags and a lotto ticket.

At BrightonSEO last month the keynote speaker Dave Trott stressed how important it was for us to make IMPACT with our campaigns – after all, if no one takes any notice of you it doesn’t matter how persuasive your argument is.

So, for an impactful campaign for a legendary game, serving an audience who by nature do not shock easily, Full Fat came up with this:

1, Wesker and Son – the world’s first pop-up human butchery and morgue, located at Smithfields meat market.

Members of the public will be invited to sample and purchase a dizzying array of edible human limbs including hands, feet and a human head, which will be available to buy directly from the shop.  As well as these specially created products, gamers will be able to buy ‘Peppered Human & Lemon Sausages’ and ‘J’avo Caught Human Thigh Steaks’ along with some specially made pots of Red Herb and Green Herb.

Resident Evil 6 Campaign

Food artist Sharon Baker provides the human limbs, having previously produced human bits in baked-bread form. Mixologists Loading provided anatomical cocktails to wash it down with.

2, But hey, just ‘cause you’re a blood-lusting, zombie butcher doesn’t mean you don’t have a CARING side. All proceeds were donated to the Limbless Association. I’m hoping they didn’t send a hamper though….

3, Lectures at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Pathology Museum, exploring themes in the game and their links between the game and real life, such as future trends in meat consumption and whether the virus of the game could ever become a reality.


The Twitter campaign resulted in excitement and engagement around the hash tag #nohopeleft and the @WeskerSon Twitter account gained over 750 followers in a short time.

The story was covered by Huffington Post (best photo gallery) and Daily Mail – check out the photos there, they are even more gory than in this blog!

As for the live site – you can’t miss something like that when it’s slapped in front of you!

Resident Evil 6 Butchers

From the Huffington Post gallery


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